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Nichols County

Blue Black Splash Marans Day Old Chick

Blue Black Splash Marans Day Old Chick

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This listing is for 1 (one) Blue Black or Splash Marans chick that is one day old.  Straight Run.

These Marans are going to hatch out either Blue Black or Splash.  I will do my best to get the most variety, but keep in mind we do not hatch out a bunch of splashes.  Generally speaking we will hatch out this ratio (Black:Blue:Splash) 10:3:1.  Meaning we will get 10 times more blacks then we will get splashes, or 3 times more blacks then we will get blues.  If you're looking for specific colors, message me prior to purchasing. 

We have a big pen of Black Copper Marans, Blue Copper Marans, and Splash Copper Marans.  Over time we will have smaller pens to control which color chick hatches. 

There is a minimum of 6 chicks for shipping.  There are no minimums for local pick up. 

I can ship up to 25 chicks in a box.  The shipping for 6 to 25 chicks is $60.  If you order more than 25 chicks, you will need to do a separate transaction per order of 25 chicks.

We are NPIP Certified, these chicks are from an AI Free Flock.



We ship via USPS.  It is your responsibility to check out with the correct address.  When your chicks ship, you will be emailed a tracking number.  It is your responsibility to up your chicks at the post office.  All chick orders will be marked "HOLD AT POST OFFICE FOR PICK UP".  If you checkout with a phone number, I will include that on the box, so the post office can call you.  But it is your responsibility to pick up your chicks.  If a loss occurs because you didn't pick up your chicks, they will not be replaced or refunded.

Local pick up will be in Gleason TN only


There are no returns or cancellations.  By making this purchase you agree to the following.  We do offer a live guarantee, meaning that you will receive what you ordered alive.  If a loss occurs during shipment, please email us with pictures of the loss within 8 hours of receiving the chicks.  We will either replace or refund the loss.   Once a chick or hatching egg leaves our farm, that chick or hatching egg can never come back.  We do not accept any returns of any nature. 

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