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Nichols County

10+ Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs

10+ Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs

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10+ Barnyard Mix Hatching Eggs

This listing is for TEN Barnyard Mix fertile hatching eggs.  We always send extras just in case.

Incubation: 21 Days 

Eggs per year: ~150-250

Egg laying age: 5-6 months

Color: chicks will hatch out a variety of colors

Our barnyard mix hatching eggs are from our free range flock that has a variety of chickens.  Chicks hatched from these eggs are going to be a mix of breeds.  Breeds we have in our free range flock are

Ayam Cemani | BBS Marans | Olive Eggers | Easter Eggers | Mixed Breeds

We are NPIP Certified, these eggs are from a AI Free Flock.


When you receive your eggs, let them rest in an egg carton pointy end down for 12-24 hours prior to incubation.  Do not put cold eggs into an incubator. 

These eggs come from Tennessee.  With that being said, Tennessee is a very humid state, your eggs air cell will be much smaller because of the humidity.  We recommend that you track your air cells during your incubation, if your air cells are not growing large enough then you have too much added humidity.  This can cause your chicks to drown around hatch time.  We recommend dry hatching on most of our eggs.  If you can't dry hatch or do not want to dry hatch then we recommend 40% humidity for the first 18 days and then 60-70% humidity for lockdown (day 18-21).  Keep your temperature a constant 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best to candle day 7-10 to check for development and remove any that are not developing.

You can open your incubator for short periods of time during the incubation process.  Under no circumstances should you open your incubator during hatch time, lockdown (day 18-21).


Orders are shipped out in the month you select.  

Shipping cost to you is free.  It is built into the cost of the eggs.  Your hatching eggs will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.  Your eggs will be laid the day before they are shipped.  Your eggs will be 1 day old when we ship them, no older.  We ship everyday of the week, we do not hold eggs for a whole week, just to ship on a Monday or Tuesday.  Eggs are shipped the day after they are laid, no matter what.


There are no returns or cancellations.  By making this purchase you agree to the following.  Because of the nature of shipping eggs THERE IS NO GUARANTEE ON HATCH RATES.  Your hatch rate will be from 0%-100%.  You are purchasing eggs, not chicks. Please purchase only if you are willing to assume the risk of shipped eggs. Refunds will not be given.  Also, due to the nature of dealing with live hatching eggs and bio-hazard risk we do not accept returns on our hatching eggs!

Shipped eggs are exactly that, shipped across multiple states in a truck.  Very many things can happen on the way.  Just because an egg doesn't start to develop does not me it is not fertile or fertilized.  It just means the embryo didn't develop for whatever reason.  We check for fertility everyday around breakfast time.  The only way to check to see if an egg has been fertilized is to crack it open fresh (not after it has been in the incubator for X days).

USPS can take longer than anticipated.  Just because the estimated time for your delivery has past, does not mean your eggs are bad.  We allow up to 10 days from the day you order until eggs are less viable to incubate.  Meaning if you're eggs are in transit longer than 10 days, contact us and we will send you a fresh set of eggs.  If eggs get delivered prior to that 10 days please do not complain. 

If you can't agree to all of these terms then please do not buy from us.  We are very open and transparent about all of this.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to message before or after a purchase.  Thank you. 

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